NBA Rookie of the Year Power Rankings: Top contenders revealed ahead of stretch run

NBA award season predictions for Rookie of the Year.

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3. SF/PF: Brandon Miller, Charlotte Hornets

Speaking of Rookie of the Month awards, Brandon Miller has been playing outstanding basketball recently. The second-overall pick out of Alabama has started to look like a legitimate star over the past few months. He's been playing so well he has earned the previous two Rookie of the Month awards in January and February 2024.

Miller's rise in the power rankings is due to his superior scoring numbers and shooting efficiency compared to his predecessors. Miller averages 16.7 points per game, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 2.4 assists per game with good shooting splits. His archetype as a do-it-all forward seems legit.

Miller's defense is not up to par and it seems unlikely that the Charlotte Hornets will perform well this season. If not for these factors, Miller might have had a better chance of ranking higher on the list. Additionally, he faces stiff competition from two exceptional players who are considered to be generational unicorns and have firmly established themselves in the top rankings.

Although Miller has succeeded in proving the skeptics wrong about his second-overall pick over Scoot Henderson, he still falls behind our top two rookies in terms of performance. Therefore, Brandon Miller is ranked third in our Rookie of the Year power rankings.