NBA Rookie of the Year Power Rankings: Top contenders revealed ahead of stretch run

NBA award season predictions for Rookie of the Year.

Oklahoma City Thunder  v San Antonio Spurs
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1. C/PF: Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs

Honestly, I am going to keep this slide short and sweet. Victor Wembanyama has won the Rookie of the Month award in the Western Conference in the past two months (January & February 2024). He leads all rookies in scoring and rebounding with 20.7 and 10.3 per game respectively. Oh, and he also leads the league in blocks and his defensive rating ranks third in the entire league.

He is incredible. If Chet Holmgren is a unicorn then Wembanyama might just be a unicorn-fairy-princess. The league has never seen a player like Wemby. At the beginning of the season, hell, even halfway through the season, one could argue Chet over Wemby, strictly because of the winning Chet's been a part of. However, over the past month or two, it would be "Get Back," Ludacris not to have Wemby as the number one in our Rookie of the Year power rankings.

The kid can do anything and everything. One second he steps out to the three-point line to block a catch-and-shoot opportunity, the next he blocks the second-opportunity shot under the basket, 15 feet away. It's like, mmm what?? His offensive repertoire is that of a 10-year veteran and his defensive instincts are already second-to-none.

Victor Wembanyama comes in first in our Rookie of the Year power rankings, and to be honest, it's not all that close.

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