NBA Rumors: 1 ‘Bad’ contract every team must explore trading this offseason

Every team in the NBA will at least explore trading one 'bad' contract they currently have on their books heading into the offseason.
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Golden State Warriors

Bad contract to explore trading: Andrew Wiggins (3 years, $84 million)

As the Golden State Warriors prepare to enter an offseason that could be filled with many changes, you can't help but wonder which of these decisions will be of the most priority for the team. While the Warriors are certainly going to work hard to re-sign Klay Thompson, I imagine that trading Andrew Wiggins (and the three years and $84 million left on his contract) is going to be near the top of the team to-do list this summer.

Trading Wiggins not only opens more money that the Warriors could theoretically offer Thompson in a contract extension, but it also clears a huge hurdle as the team looks to continue to build around this championship core. For better or worse, it seems as if the Warriors are going to enter the summer with the hopes of extending this dynasty.

Whether or not it ends up working out remains to be seen, but you'd have to imagine that there's a very good chance Wiggins has played his final game in a Warriors uniform.