NBA Rumors: 1 ‘Bad’ contract every team must explore trading this offseason

Every team in the NBA will at least explore trading one 'bad' contract they currently have on their books heading into the offseason.
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors
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LA Clippers

Bad contract to explore trading: PJ Tucker (1 year, $11 million)

For a while this season, it appeared as if all the stars were beginning to align for the LA Clippers. However, as the Clippers find themselves in a difficult first-round NBA Playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks, that may no longer be the case. Heading into the offseason, it would be shocking if PJ Tucker ended up declining his player option for next season. If he does opt into it, the Clippers should absolutely look to trade him this offseason.

As was evidenced at the NBA Trade Deadline, that could prove to be easier said than done. Nevertheless, there's no question that the Clippers could help ease their upcoming tax bill by cutting loose on this contract.

The Clippers admittedly don't have a ton of bad money on their books at the moment, but this conversation could very much change after this summer. Once the Clippers give extensions to James Harden and Paul George, we could be having a very different conversation when it comes to bad contracts on their books.