NBA Rumors: 1 ‘Bad’ contract every team must explore trading this offseason

Every team in the NBA will at least explore trading one 'bad' contract they currently have on their books heading into the offseason.
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Milwaukee Bucks

Bad contract to explore trading: Khris Middleton (2 years, $66 million)

The Milwaukee Bucks could find themselves in a very difficult position heading into the NBA offseason. If they end up faltering early on in the playoffs, and they currently have their hands full in their first-round playoff series with the Indiana Pacers, there could be a call for some big changes for the team. However, that could prove to be easier said than done. The Bucks aren't going to trade Damian Lillard or Giannis Antetokounmpo. We can cross that off the list of potential moves that could be awaiting the team this summer.

After that, the only big moves revolve around potentially trading Bobby Portis, whose trade value is a bit distorted at the moment, or Khris Middleton, who has plenty of injury concerns of his own heading into the offseason. But, in theory, the Bucks should look to explore Middleton's trade market considering he has two years and $66 million left on his contract.

From an objective standpoint, the Bucks' best shot to improve their roster, or at least shake it up, revolves around trading Middleton this summer.