NBA Rumors: 1 Important question for all 30 teams as countdown to offseason begins

With the offseason around the corner, we explore one important question that every NBA team must begin to answer.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves
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Milwaukee Bucks

Burning question: What if the Milwaukee Bucks fail to make the NBA Finals?

If there's one Eastern Conference contender that you can't criticize about not making all-in moves for their star player, it's the Milwaukee Bucks. After their core was starting to fit a bit stale last offseason, the Bucks decided to make the big move for Damian Lillard. Even though that hasn't played out as successfully as perhaps the Bucks envisioned it would, this is still a team that is expected to make a deep playoff run as the second-best team in the East.

At the very least, the Bucks have the talent to make the Eastern Conference Finals. Whether or not they'll be able to beat the Boston Celtics in the seven-game series remains to be seen, but this is a team that was built to win a championship in the next 1-2 seasons.

The question for the Bucks heading into the offseason is what happens or what will happen if the Bucks fall short of their pre-season goals. Will that trigger the Bucks to explore another retooling of the roster this summer or will they run it back next season? In the end, it could be another eventful offseason in Milwaukee.