NBA Rumors: 1 Important question for all 30 teams as countdown to offseason begins

With the offseason around the corner, we explore one important question that every NBA team must begin to answer.
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Boston Celtics

Burning question: What if the Boston Celtics don't win an NBA Championship this season?

At least, for now, there's an overwhelming expectation that the Boston Celtics are going to run through the Eastern Conference and be a strong favorite to win the NBA Finals no matter who they face once they get there. However, what if the Celtics don't win this year's NBA championship? Let's say, for whatever reason, the Celtics end up losing in the NBA Finals, perhaps to the Denver Nuggets, or even before in the conference finals against a team like the Milwaukee Bucks. How will that impact the big decisions that the Celtics need to make during the offseason?

Will that change their approach to this summer? Will not winning a championship this season open the door for some potential other big moves this summer? It's clear that the Celtics went all in on this core last summer. If their moves from last offseason don't add up to a championship this year, then there's naturally going to be some concern about this team's future.

In short, the Celtics need to decide if not winning a championship this season will spark big change heading into the summer. If so, what does that mean in the long run for the core of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown?