NBA Rumors: 1 Important question for all 30 teams as countdown to offseason begins

With the offseason around the corner, we explore one important question that every NBA team must begin to answer.
Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves
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Phoenix Suns

Burning question: How can this team continue to build around their core?

On paper, the Phoenix Suns should probably be ranked amongst the top four teams in the Western Conference. For whatever reason, the Suns have lacked that consistency to emerge as a real threat to potentially win the Western Conference this season. Nevertheless, this is a team that will be heading into the offseason with the desire to improve their roster around Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal.

However, that is going to prove to be more difficult than it seems. Without much in the way of salary cap space and assets to trade, the Suns are at a point where their best path toward improving the roster is a selection in this year's first round of the NBA Draft and veteran's minimums that they'll be able to sign free agents with.

When the Suns acquired KD two seasons ago, the belief was that this was a move to help catapult the Suns into contender status in the West. Unless a magical playoff run emerges for Phoenix over the next couple of months, this is a team that has somewhat disappointed since adding KD to the roster.