NBA Rumors: 1 Important question for all 30 teams as countdown to offseason begins

With the offseason around the corner, we explore one important question that every NBA team must begin to answer.

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Charlotte Hornets

Burning question: Slow rebuild or aim to take a big step forward this summer?

After making some pretty big changes at this year's NBA Trade Deadline, the Charlotte Hornets will enter the summer with a few big questions that they must begin to answer. First, the Hornets must decide if they should continue to build slowly around LaMelo Ball and the rest of this young core, or if they are ready to try to take a big step forward during the offseason. I'm not sure exactly what that big step forward would look like for the Hornets, but this is a team that has consistently remained toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings.

At some point, it's only natural for the team to want to make a big splash in an attempt to try to expedite the build. The question is, are the Hornets at that sweet spot? Under new leadership, it'll be interesting to see how this front office tries to set the tone for the future. On paper, the Hornets are quickly developing some intriguing young talent. However, it's easy to see how they are a couple of strong pieces away from being any type of threat in the Eastern Conference.

The Hornets are likely to attempt to make a big move soon. Will this summer be the first window for that possibility?