NBA Rumors: 1 Mystery draft suitor for Bronny James has been revealed

The hype surrounding Bronny James could be rising as we inch closer and closer to the 2024 NBA Draft.
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NBA Rumors: As the 2024 NBA Draft quickly approaches, a potential mystery suitor for Bronny James has been revealed.

If Bronny James was not considered to be a first-round selection at the start of the pre-draft process, there's an argument to be made that he's made arguably the biggest jump up NBA Draft boards of late. That's because there are recent rumblings that Bronny will end up being selected in the first round of next week's NBA Draft. As you would expect, the strongest draft rumor whispers link him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Whether or not that ends up being his eventual landing spot in the NBA Draft remains to be seen. Mostly because there could be other natural suitors for the guard prospect. According to one recent report, the Dallas Mavericks have been revealed as a potential dark horse landing spot for Bronny. Per the report, the Mavs have an interest in selecting Bronny with their second-round pick (58th overall). The Mavs don't have a first-round pick this season as it is being conveyed to the New York Knicks as part of a previous trade.

Even though the Mavs have an interest in selecting Bronny, the odds that he'll still be available to be taken is quite low. Even if the Lakers don't select Bronny with their 17th overall pick, the odds are that another team will take the gamble.

How interested are the Dallas Mavericks in Bronny James?

It's a fair question to ask how interested the Mavs truly are in Bronny. Are they interested enough to the point where they'd consider the option of trading up in the NBA Draft for him? Would they be open to the idea of trading into the late first round to select him?

I have a hard envisioning that considering Bronny is going to be considered a long-term draft prospect for any team that ends up selecting him, whether that's as a first or second-round pick.

For a team that is looking to improve on the margins this upcoming season, I'm not sure if wasting future resources to trade up to select a project makes a ton of sense. I'd have to imagine that the idea of selecting Bronny is something Dallas would be open to. Proactively trying to make it happen could be beyond what they're willing to do.

Nevertheless, the NBA Draft is often impossible to predict. Perhaps the Mavs are motivated to make something happen to shake up the foundation of the league.

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