NBA Rumors: 1 player from all 30 teams that definitely won't be on 2024-25 roster

Exploring one player on every team that definitely won't be on the roster heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.
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Indiana Pacers

1 Player who definitely won't be on the roster next season: Doug McDermott

After making an NBA Trade Deadline deal for Doug McDermott, who came over from the San Antonio Spurs at least in part to make up for the team parting ways with Buddy Hield, it's hard to imagine that the Indiana Pacers will end up re-signing him heading into the offseason. McDermott hasn't played much of a role for the Pacers since the trade, and even in the time that he has been on the floor, he hasn't made much of an impact that would suggest he deserves more playing time.

Even though McDermott isn't a bad veteran to have on your roster when attempting to build a playoff-contending team, I simply believe that they're going to better offer out there for McDermott in free agency. And likely, many of those other offers are going to come from teams that will have the ability to give him a greater role than the current one he's found himself in with the Pacers since the trade.

The Pacers took a flier on veteran shooter McDermott at the deadline and it simply hasn't paid off. And that's OK.