NBA Rumors: 1 player from all 30 teams that definitely won't be on 2024-25 roster

Exploring one player on every team that definitely won't be on the roster heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.
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Miami Heat

1 Player who definitely won't be on the roster next season: Caleb Martin

As has become the case for the past couple of seasons for the Miami Heat, this is a team that has struggled mightily with consistency of late. No matter how the season ends for the Heat, there will be some big decisions that this team needs to make. One of them revolves around the upcoming free agency of Caleb Martin. After an amazing playoff run last season, in which Martin emerged as one of the bigger - and most valuable - contributors to the team, Martin became so much of an untouchable piece for the Heat.

After electing to not trade him last summer, and then keeping him off-limits at this year's NBA Trade Deadline, the Heat was taking a huge gamble. Essentially, Miami believes that their playoff run this year is more important than what they could get for Martin via trade. Especially considering the chances of the Heat re-signing Martin are slim to none.

Considering how their cap sheet looks at the moment, it would be extremeley surprising if the Heat managed to re-sign Martin with the level of offers he's likely going to receive on the open market.