NBA Rumors: 1 player from all 30 teams that definitely won't be on 2024-25 roster

Exploring one player on every team that definitely won't be on the roster heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.
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Milwaukee Bucks

1 Player who definitely won't be on the roster next season: Malik Beasley

The Milwaukee Bucks have been considered one of the most inconsistent teams this season. And as they prepare for the NBA playoffs, this is a team that will have much at stake (as it regards to their future) over the next few weeks of the year. One player who has been an otherwise bright spot for Bucks this season is Malik Beasley. Picking up where he left off last season in spurts for the Los Angeles Lakers, Beasley inked a one-year prove-it deal with the Bucks this past offseason. And he's certainly lived up to his part of the deal.

Excelling in his defined role with the Bucks this season, being highly efficient from the three-point line, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Beasley explore much richer offers in free agency this summer. Especially considering the big-picture questions that the Bucks might have to make this offseason.

Beasley is likely going to seek a multi-year in free agency this summer. When push comes to shove, I simply don't believe the Bucks are going to be able to give them that considering how much money they have tied up elsewhere.