NBA Rumors: 1 player from all 30 teams that definitely won't be on 2024-25 roster

Exploring one player on every team that definitely won't be on the roster heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.
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Boston Celtics

1 Player who definitely won't be on the roster next season: Oshae Brissett

When the Boston Celtics originally signed Oshae Brissett in free agency last summer, the belief was that he could provide some much-needed veteran depth on the wing. However, as this season has unfolded, Brissett's role with the Celtics hasn't evolved much. In fact, over the past few weeks, he's pretty much a non-factor in the team's rotation. As the NBA Playoffs quickly approach, it's hard to see that changing as rotations in the postseason shrink.

With a player option for next season, I wouldn't be all that surprised if Brissett elected to decline it in an attempt to secure a longer-termed deal in free agency on a team that could give him bigger minutes. While the Celtics are a great situation in terms of overall team winning, it's going to be difficult for Brissett to get clear minutes with how loaded this roster is at the moment.

If Brissett wants to prioritize playing and opening himself for the possibility of a bigger contract in the future, it may have to come on another team. In the end, this is a move that could very much end up working out for both sides in the long run.