NBA Rumors: 1 player from all 30 teams that definitely won't be on 2024-25 roster

Exploring one player on every team that definitely won't be on the roster heading into the 2024-25 NBA season.
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Chicago Bulls

1 Player who definitely won't be on the roster next season: Zach LaVine

The Chicago Bulls have to trade Zach LaVine this offseason, right? After shopping him all throughout the first half of the season and then retaining him at the NBA Trade Deadline, the Bulls can't possibly want to go through that whole song and dance again. It would be an injustice to the fans and the players that will be on next year's roster. It's become clear that the Bulls have made the decision to trade LaVine. They must accomplish that this offseason. Even while dealing with his recovery from injury, I'm fairly confident in saying that LaVine won't be on the Bulls roster heading into next season. Because, frankly, he can't.

The big problem with this entire premise, of course, is that if this is going to come into fruition, that means the Bulls are likely going to have to either take pennies on the dollar in return for LaVine or they're going to have to part way with an asset to get him off the roster. Either way, I think the Bulls are quickly coming to that realization.

As the Bulls eye a potential retooling or rebuilding of the roster, you'd have to imagine that LaVine will certainly be traded at some point this offseason.