NBA Rumors: 1 Player on all 30 teams who reached untouchable trade status in 2023-24

Looking back, we explore one player on every team that reached untouchable status during the 2023-24 NBA season.
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New York Knicks

Untouchable status: Donte DiVincenzo

Looking back, there may not have been a more underrated move this offseason than the New York Knicks signing Donte DiVincenzo. With the way he's played down the stretch, he's quickly emerging as one of the most important players for the Knicks. And if they're going to make a deep playoff run, you'd have to imagine that he's going to play a vital part in that success. If one thing has become apparent for the Knicks this season, it's that DiVincenzo has emerged as a very important contributor to the team. So much so that I'd argue he's reached untouchable status for the team heading into the offseason.

Since the start of February, DiVincenzo has been the team's second-leading scorer behind Jalen Brunson. Over the last two-plus months of the season, DiVincenzo averaged 20 points, four rebounds, and three assists on 43 percent shooting from the field and 38 percent shooting from 3-point range.

If DiVicenzo can continue this high level of player heading into the team's playoff run, there's no question he's going to emerge as an untouchable asset this offseason