NBA Rumors: 1 Player on all 30 teams who reached untouchable trade status in 2023-24

Looking back, we explore one player on every team that reached untouchable status during the 2023-24 NBA season.
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Orlando Magic

Untouchable status: Jalen Suggs

Entering this season with big questions about the future of their backcourt, it's safe to say that some of those have begun to be answered with the performance of Jalen Suggs this year. Even though he didn't have a huge breakout season, there's no question that he did take a step forward in his progression and that should give the Magic hope for the future. During his all-important third season in the league, Suggs averaged 13 points, three rebounds, and three assists per game on 47 percent shooting from the field and 40 percent shooting from 3-point range.

It's impossible to predict what the future holds for Suggs and whether he has another step in his progression, but it's safe to say that the Magic are going to view him in a different light after this season. Heading into the summer, Suggs may be the most untouchable piece the Magic have in the backcourt.

For a young team that will be looking to improve even further this summer, Suggs is a good fallback difference-maker for the Magic to have in their back pocket.