NBA Rumors: 1 Player on all 30 teams who reached untouchable trade status in 2023-24

Looking back, we explore one player on every team that reached untouchable status during the 2023-24 NBA season.
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Brooklyn Nets

Untouchable status: Cam Thomas

With as much uncertainty that revolves around the Brooklyn Nets heading into the offseason, with the priority of trying to build a playoff contender around Mikal Bridges, it's hard to pinpoint any one player that has emerged into an untouchable trade status after this season. Especially considering that, as a whole, this year will be remembered as a disappointment in the eyes of Nets fans.

However, if there is one player that you could perhaps pencil in as an untouchable player heading into the offseason, it's probably Cam Thomas. As he continues to make strides in his game, emerging as a breakout offensive player this season, it'll be interesting to see how Brooklyn labels and prioritizes Thomas heading into the future.

Averaging 23 points, three assists, and three rebounds per game on 36 percent shooting from three-point range, it's clear that Thomas does have a future in this league. The big question is what type of role he will have on the Nets moving forward and whether they consider him a foundational piece of their future. All that said, it would still be extremely surprising if he was traded this offseason.