NBA Rumors: 1 Realistic free agent target for all 30 teams entering the offseason

Exploring one realistic free agent that every team could end up targeting heading into the NBA offseason.
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LA Clippers

Realistic free agent target: Kyle Lowry

Heading into the NBA offseason, the LA Clippers are one of the teams that are facing the most uncertainty. With Paul George and James Harden set to hit the free agency market, there's no guarantee that the Clippers will be able to re-sign both of them heading into next season. With those questions unanswered, it's going to be difficult to predict what other moves the Clippers could pursue this summer.

However, under the assumption that the Clippers are going to do their best to try to keep their core intact, one potential veteran free-agent target that could make some sense for the team is Kyle Lowry. Depending on the moves that the Philadelphia 76ers are able to make this offseason, it's safe to say that Lowry could explore other options.

If so, the Clippers could make a ton of sense as they prepare to possibly move on from Russell Westbrook and make another run in the Western Conference next season.