NBA Rumors: 1 Realistic free agent target for all 30 teams entering the offseason

Exploring one realistic free agent that every team could end up targeting heading into the NBA offseason.
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
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New Orleans Pelicans

Realistic free agent target: KJ Martin

The New Orleans Pelicans are heading into the NBA offseason with plenty of uncertainty. Because of that uncertainty, it's impossible to predict how this team is going to operate when the start of free agency rolls around. One particular low-risk option that could jump onto the Pelicans' radar this summer is KJ Martin. With the Philadelphia 76ers likely moving on from the young wing, he's a player that the Pelicans could look to in the event that they also end up trading Brandon Ingram at some point during the offseason.

Martin is a young player who has proven to have some promise but just hasn't been given enough of an opportunity to show his long-term potential. Perhaps a fresh start could do Martin some good at this point in his career. The Pelicans, who have a strong developmental system, could do Martin well.

Martin could emerge as an interesting option for the Pelicans if they're looking for added depth on the wing.