NBA Rumors: 1 Realistic free agent target for all 30 teams entering the offseason

Exploring one realistic free agent that every team could end up targeting heading into the NBA offseason.
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Philadelphia 76ers

Realistic free agent target: DeMar DeRozan

The Philadelphia 76ers have perfectly set themselves up for a major move this offseason. They've cleared their cap sheet, with only Joel Embiid and Paul Reed on their roster heading into next year, and will have the utmost flexibility to improve the roster via trade or free agency. When it comes to free agency specifically, DeMar DeRozan could emerge as a natural potential target for the team. The Sixers are likely going to have their sights set on a bigger name via trade, but DeRozan could emerge as a realistic backup plan for the team.

There are whispers that DeRozan wants to re-sign with the Chicago Bulls but I still believe that it makes the most sense for him to pursue a contract with a contender. The Sixers could be the perfect fit if DeRozan does end up testing the open market this offseason. Playing next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid would make his life a whole lot easier.

If DeRozan wants to make a jump to a contender, the Sixers are one team that will have the cap space to make it happen.