NBA Rumors: 1 Realistic free agent target for all 30 teams entering the offseason

Exploring one realistic free agent that every team could end up targeting heading into the NBA offseason.
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Portland Trail Blazers

Realistic free agent target: James Wiseman

Still in the early stages of the rebuild after deciding to make the trade Damian Lillard last summer, it'll be interesting to see how aggressive or passive the Portland Trail Blazers are this offseason. Even though it would be somewhat surprising to see the Blazers attempt to make a big splash either via trade or free agency, I also don't think that's completely off the table. Genuinely speaking, I do believe that the Blazers are going to have to take a step back at some point before they take any tangible move up the Western Conference hierarchy.

Nevertheless, heading into the NBA's free agency period, there could still be a low-risk target or two that could end up paying dividends for this team down the line. One of those potential target players that could emerge for this team over the next few months is James Wiseman.

As a player who has tremendous potential, Wisemen could emerge as an intriguing, low-risk, high-reward developmental project for the Blazers heading into the offseason. With a possible need down the line at the center position, it's easy to see why taking a gamble on Wiseman could be worth it for the Blazers.