NBA Rumors: 1 Realistic free agent target for all 30 teams entering the offseason

Exploring one realistic free agent that every team could end up targeting heading into the NBA offseason.
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Chicago Bulls

Realistic free agent target: Markelle Fultz

There's a very good chance that the Chicago Bulls could undergo some major changes this offseason. Chicago could end up trading Zach LaVine and moving on from DeMar DeRozan. If that were to happen, this team would look a lot different than it does now. For a minute, let's say the Bulls don't make those huge changes. Let's say that the Bulls want to remain somewhat competitive while retooling around DeRozan. Under that premise, Chicago could look to add some depth to their point guard position by signing Markell Fultz.

Without the guarantee that Lonzo Ball will be able to play at all this season, Fultz would give the Bulls an option at the lead-guard position that they simply haven't had each of the past two seasons. Even though Fultz never truly lived up to his potential, he's still developed into a solid player over the past couple of seasons in Orlando.

As the Magic potentially look to move in a different direction, that could open the door for a team like the Bulls to swoop in and take a gamble on a player like Fultz. It wouldn't be a huge splash move, but this is a stopgap option that could make sense for Chicago.