NBA Rumors: 11 Extremely bold predictions as the start of NBA Free Agency arrives

11 Bold predictions with the start of the NBA Free Agency period finally here.
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Paul George will force a sign and trade to the Golden State Warriors

With the start of NBA Free Agency here, Paul George has some big decisions to make. Interestingly enough, George's future is relatively in his hands. For the most part, he will be able to dictate his next landing spot. In a vacuum, he's in a great place. With three real possibilities for George heading into the summer, I do believe there's one scenario that would make the most sense for him in the long run. And that centers around forcing a sign and trade to the Golden State Warriors. In fact, I predict this is a scenario that will unfold between George and the Clippers.

The truly challenging part of all this revolves around whether the Clippers and the Warriors could be able to agree to fair compensation - and, admittedly, that could prove to be difficult. However, I feel a package centered around one young player, a salary filler, and a future first-round pick could end up making sense for both sides.

If this does end up happening, it would add another layer to next season considering the Warriors would reemerge next season as a legit championship contender.