NBA Rumors: 11 Extremely bold predictions as the start of NBA Free Agency arrives

11 Bold predictions with the start of the NBA Free Agency period finally here.
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Brandon Ingram will sign an extension with the New Orleans Pelicans

After making the bold move for Dejounte Murray, I can't help but wonder if the New Orleans Pelicans' approach to a contract extension of Brandon Ingram will change any. Deep down, I predict that it may. That's why I believe that at the end of it all, Ingram will end up signing a contract extension with the Pelicans. It only makes sense for New Orleans to take that approach after adding Murray. If the Pelicans were to add Murray to only trade Ingram, it would be one of those cases of New Orleans taking a step forward only to take a step back.

Because I believe that the Pelicans want to compete in the Western Conference this season, I predict there's a strong chance that cooler heads will prevail over the next few days and that New Orleans will end up handing Ingram the contract that he believes. Maybe there's a middle ground the two sides need to find, but either way, I do believe it will happen.

If the Pelicans can head into next season with a core four of CJ McCollum, Murray, Ingram, and Zion Williamson, they can certainly make some noise in the Western Conference.