NBA Rumors: 11 Extremely bold predictions as the start of NBA Free Agency arrives

11 Bold predictions with the start of the NBA Free Agency period finally here.
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James Harden will quietly not return to the LA Clippers

The more that I think about the uncertainty that revolves around the LA Clippers' future, the more I begin to think that there's at least an outside chance that James Harden could end up exploring other options this offseason. If the Clippers aren't able to re-sign Paul George, why would Harden be so willing to sign an extension in LA? And if the Clippers aren't planning on giving a big payday to PG, why would they do so for Harden? There are so many moving parts that are yet to be determined this offseason for the Clippers. But it feels like if the PG situation continues to go south, all hell could break loose for LA.

That's why I predict that Harden will quietly not return to the Clippers next season. Under the assumption that PG won't be back, I don't think it would make sense for Harden to re-sign with LA if he seriously wants a shot to win a championship before the end of his career.

While it could be difficult to find theoretical team fits for Harden at this point in his career, I also don't believe Harden will end up re-signing with the Clippers. Hey, you never know, maybe I'm wrong.