NBA Rumors: 11 Free agents in line to 'break bank' this summer on the open market

There are a few free agents heading into the offseason to are in line for some big pay days.
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Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers

As the NBA Trade Deadline came and went, it was at least a bit surprising that the Philadelphia 76ers didn't elect to trade Tobias Harris, who is having one of his best statistical seasons in years. Heading into an offseason in which he'll have the opportunity to test free agency, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Harris, who is 31 years old, look for one more big payday before the twilight years of his career begin.

Considering that he is having a very productive year, in which he's averaging 17 points and six rebounds per game, there's a very good chance that Harris ends up leaving the Sixers for a big offer in free agency this summer. Harris has been somewhat of an overlooked player for the majority of his career. Even though he may not be the star draw that some of the other players on this list are, there's no question that he very much presents a valuable commodity to many teams across the league.

From what we know about how the NBA free agency market works, you'd have to assume that there's going to be at least one team that is willing to "break the bank" for Harris this summer.