NBA Rumors: 11 Free agents in line to 'break bank' this summer on the open market

There are a few free agents heading into the offseason to are in line for some big pay days.
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Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers

Part of the reason why the Toronto Raptors seemed so desperate to trade Pascal Siakam heading into the NBA Trade Deadline likely had to do with the fact that he was in line to sign a huge contract this upcoming offseason. With the Raptors pivoting towards a re-tooling around the younger Scottie Barnes, Siakam was never an ideal fit for their future.

But that's where the Indiana Pacers elected to step in and acquire the All-Star big man. Assuming everything goes to plan, Siakam is going to get that big payday from the Pacers. He's worth the money he's likely going to receive, something that is likely going to be near a max deal, likely the most the Pacers can offer him.

As the Pacers attempt to continue to build around Tyrese Haliburton, Siakam is a big part of that endeavor. If the Pacers do end up taking that big step forward in the Eastern Conference in the next few years, Siakam's presence is going to end up being a big reason why.