NBA Rumors: 14 Notable remaining free agents still on the board after initial frenzy

There is still a collection of notable free agents on the board after the initial NBA offseason frenzy.
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Saddiq Bey

In a vacuum, it's somewhat surprising that Saddiq Bey wasn't signed during the initial free agency wave. On paper, Bey should be considered a worthy player to have on a roster. However, as he continues to recover from a torn ACL, his situation is quite complicated. But the fact that he's been productive in every stop of his young NBA career leads me to believe that he does carry plenty of value as a potential 3-and-D contributor. And at 25 years old, it'd be surprising if Bey wasn't signed soon.

The fact that there's at least a chance Bey will miss the start of the season and perhaps even more than that adds another element for teams. Unless a team is ready to give Bey a multi-year contract, there's going to be some natural hesitation in signing him. Using a roster spot for an injured player on a one-year deal doesn't make a ton of sense.

I'd imagine a team will come with a two or three-year deal and truly invest in Bey. At this point, the real gamble comes on the pay and whether Bey would be willing to take a below-market deal because of the injury.