NBA Rumors: 15 Bold but completely realistic predictions heading into 2024 NBA Draft

A few bold predictions for the 2024 NBA Draft.
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The Los Angeles Lakers will select Bronny James in the first round

In what could end up being considered the boldest prediction ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft, I believe that the Los Angeles Lakers will end up selecting Bronny James in the first round of the draft. Whether or not they end up taking him with the 17th overall pick remains to be seen, but he will be on the table for the Lakers. This could end up being one of those scenarios in which the Lakers trade down a few stop spots from No. 17 to add a future second-round pick while still being able to select Bronny.

At least for now, it doesn't appear as if any team is going to realistically consider taking Brony with one of the lottery picks. After that, anything and everything could be on the table. Ultimately, while there could be some other teams that flirt with the idea of selecting Bronny, I believe that he's going to fall to Los Angeles and that the Lakers are going to make this move in an attempt to appease LeBron James as he considers signing a contract extension with the team this summer.

LeBron will never admit it, but you can bet he'd welcome the idea of playing alongside his son this upcoming season.

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