NBA Rumors: 3 Contenders who scored big in free agency but still need more help

NBA Offseason Wrap: Major Moves and Moves Waiting to be Made
Dallas Mavericks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Philadelphia 76ers acquire Paul George

The Philadelphia 76ers are always in the mix while simultaneously always being, well, not truly in the mix. The Sixers looked to change that with the big free agency addition of Paul George. After they re-signed Tyrese Maxey, the Sixers have a new big three of Joel Embiid, Paul George, and Tyrese Maxey.

Color me skeptical, but I have ZERO confidence that a big three of Embiid, George, and Maxey will win anything of significance. Embiid and George's injury history is enough to fill a book. The two stars have played a combined 22 seasons in the NBA with three Conference Finals appearances between the two, all coming from Paul George.

While the makeup of the Big Three looks like a solid fit, the Big Three era didn't pan out for the Sixers before, nor for many teams. Relying on three stars to win a Championship is not a great strategy anymore. The team resigned Kelly Oubre and signed Caleb Martin and Eric Gordon. Even in the East, I still think the Sixers have some steps to climb before becoming a legitimate contender.