NBA Rumors: 3 Teams LeBron James may genuinely test free agency for this offseason

Why LeBron James could be ready to test free agency this offseason.
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
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New York Knicks

The New York Knicks could also emerge as a natural landing spot for LeBron James if he genuinely wants to test free agency this summer. After coming off a season in which they probably should've made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Knicks could look to make a big splash this summer in the way of adding a two-way star such as LeBron, who could also view New York as a team that could offer him a real chance to win another NBA Championship before the end of his career.

It's one thing for LeBron to win a title for Cleveland, Miami, and Los Angeles. But if he were also to win one for New York, that would put him in very rare company. That would mean LeBron would have won championships for four different franchises. It would add to his argument for being the greatest of all time.

The big question is whether LeBron would want to make this level of move at this point in his career. Does he want to pack up and start in a brand new city while also having to deal with the pressures that come with playing in New York?

If he were willing for that type of challenge, the Knicks would emerge as a very appealing supporting cast with the core they already have in place.