NBA Rumors: 4 Rumored trade suitors for Brandon Ingram if he hits the block

There could already be a trade market developing for Brandon Ingram before the NBA offseason arrives.
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
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NBA Rumors: Four early potential trade suitors for Brandon Ingram if he ends up hitting the trade block this offseason.

The way the NBA landscape currently stands, there's a good chance for some real player movement this summer. There are a few stars that could find their way to the trade block this offseason and one of the certain candidates appears to be New Orleans Pelicans star Brandon Ingram.

As he prepares to enter the final year of his contract, it's looking more and more like a divorce between Ingram and the Pelicans is the likely outcome between the two sides. And many believe it will come via trade this summer. And as you would expect, there's already a trade market developing for the 26-year-old wing.

According to longtime NBA insider Marc Stein, there are four early potential trade suitors that have developed in the event that Ingram hits the trade block this summer. Those four teams are the Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The strong trade market for Brandon Ingram

Each of those potential suitors makes natural sense as a potential landing spot for Ingram. After taking a big step forward in their progression as a team, the Magic will likely be looking to make a big splash this summer in acquiring veteran talent. They may be focused on upgrading their backcourt, but Ingram could make sense too.

The Atlanta Hawks will likely be interested in retooling their roster and perhaps they'd be open to replacing one of Trae Young or Dejounte Murray with Ingram? If they don't want to completely embrace a total rebuild, that could be a possibility. The Philadelphia 76ers have cleared their books in hope of landing another All-Star talent to place next to Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. In theory, Ingram would be an excellent schematic fit.

In an attempt to sell Donovan Mitchell on the future, the Cleveland Cavaliers could be aggressive in their pursuits of improving their roster this summer. Ingram could be an attainable piece for Cleveland. But, again, this deal only makes sense if Mitchell is open to a contract extension. At this point, that's impossible to predict one way or another.

The bottom line is that there's likely going to be a strong market if the Pelicans move forward in trading Ingram this offseason. Ingram's trade market appears to be already developing even before the official start of the NBA offseason.

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