NBA Rumors: 4 Teams that could steal D'Angelo Russell from Lakers in Free Agency

D'Angelo Russell could emerge as one of the most sought after free agents this offseason.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers
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Philadelphia 76ers

Heading into the offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers will be eyeing a big move. The early indications are that they're going to explore a potential move for Paul George, as they look for the final piece of their championship puzzle around Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. But, for a second, let's say they aren't able to land one of the bigger fishes in free agency or trade. What if the Sixers are heading into the thick of the NBA offseason without a clear plan forward? At that point, would the team then be open to a potential move for one of the second-tier free agents?

If so, that's where a scenario for Russell can come to fruition. Russell makes sense in theory next to Embiid. The big question is whether he can coexist next to Maxey. Would they be good enough defensively in the backcourt where they wouldn't be too much of a liability for the team on that end of the floor?

Those are the types of questions that they would need to answer. But, in theory, the Sixers could get desperate and emerge as a natural candidate for Russell in free agency if they end up striking out on some of the other bigger names.

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