NBA Rumors: 5 Non-star trade targets who could transform Lakers into contenders

The Los Angeles Lakers may not have to acquire a star player to emerge as championship contenders next season.
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Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors

As we get closer and closer to the 2024 NBA Draft, one non-star name to keep an eye on is Bruce Brown. From all indications, the belief is that he's going to be traded at some point early on in the offseason. And if it becomes clear that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to have a difficult time in landing an All-Star player via trade this offseason, you can't help but wonder if the team should be willing to pivot toward a pursuit of Brown. As a do-it-all wing, Brown could be an intriguing fit for the Lakers.

If LeBron James and Anthony Davis can continue to play at a high level heading into next season, the Lakers could get away with adding a third option. That's exactly what Brown can be for Los Angeles. In fact, I'd argue that he's elite in such a role. If Brown could replicate the role he played for the Denver Nuggets a couple of seasons ago in Los Angeles, the Lakers would be in great hands.

As far as non-star players go, there's an argument to be made that Brown is the most proven of all the Lakers' options.