NBA Rumors: 5 Talented young stars that need change of scenery to reach their ceiling

There are several young talented NBA stars around the league that may need a change of scenery to reach their high-end potential.
Houston Rockets v New Orleans Pelicans
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Jalen Green, Houston Rockets

Heading into the offseason, I firmly believe that it could very well be in the best interest of both the Jalen Green and the Houston Rockets to explore parting ways. Simply put, the Rockets have not shown a true trust in Green and it's had an impact on his development. No matter how much a team may want to improve, it's not normal for a team to dangle a third-year prospect that they're all-in for in exchange for a "star" player who is far from a certified All-Star. That's exactly what the Rockets did at this year's NBA Trade Deadline as they reportedly offered Green to the Brooklyn Nets for Mikal Bridges.

That tells me the Rockets are open to trading Green and also that they may not be as high on him as they were when they originally drafted him with the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. As he continues to struggle with numbing inconsistency, there's a very real chance that he may never be able to reach his ceiling in Houston.

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Green is slowly turning in to one of those players that very well may need a change of scenery in order to not only get his career back on track but to also fully reach his potential in the NBA.