NBA Rumors: 6 Headlining free agents that are locks to switch teams this summer

Looking ahead to the NBA offseason, we predict six headlining free agents that are near locks to switch teams in free agency.
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Gordon Hayward, Oklahoma City Thunder

Making a splash move for Gordon Hayward at the NBA Trade Deadline, the hope was that he would provide a clear spark for the Oklahoma City Thunder down the stretch. However, even though the Thunder continue to win at a conference-leading pace, Hayward hasn't had the impact that perhaps some believed he would when the original deal was announced. As an expiring contract, you'd have to imagine that there's a strong chance that Hayward ends up leaving in free agency for a bigger role than he currently has with the Thunder.

In 12 games played with the Thunder, Hayward is averaging just four points and three rebounds per game on 39 percent shooting from the field in less than 20 minutes per contest. At 33 years old, Hayward has to believe he can contribute more to a team than he currently has with the Thunder after the trade deadline.

This is not to say that the move for Hayward was a mistake by the Thunder, but it may be a pairing that simply doesn't work out. And that's perfectly fine. Expect Hayward to be on the move again this summer.