NBA Rumors: 6 Headlining free agents that are locks to switch teams this summer

Looking ahead to the NBA offseason, we predict six headlining free agents that are near locks to switch teams in free agency.
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Buddy Hield, Philadelphia 76ers

Another Philadelphia 76ers that is expected to hit the free agency market, I personally would be surprised if Buddy Hield was back on the team heading into the start of next season. This has nothing to do with Hield as a player, it has everything to do with the plans that the Sixers have up their sleeves. I have a feeling the Sixers are going to set their sights on some big names this summer and are in a position where they're going to hit on someone. Between that mystery All-Star, Tyrese Maxey's extension, and the money already due to Joel Embiid, the Sixers won't have much financial wiggle room to re-sign some of their other big-money players.

Hield has to be viewed as a backup plan this summer for the Sixers but re-signing him solely would be a huge failure on the part of the front office. I can't envision the Sixers trying to sell such a move to the fan base and succeeding.

The Sixers are likely going to make some big changes, Hield's likely in line for substantial contract offers in free agency, and those two respective offseason goals aren't likely to align with each other.

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