NBA Rumors: 6 Teams that should rethink their futures if they flop in the Playoffs

There are a few teams that should rethink their futures if they end up flopping in the NBA Playoffs.

Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Sacramento Kings

It may be a bit of a surprise to see the Sacramento Kings on this list. But they're a talented young team that needs to see some postseason success in order to validate their current build. Heading into this year's postseason, that will be the goal for the Kings. If they end up losing early on in the postseason again, it will be a clear sign that there might need to be some retooling of their roster heading into the offseason.

If the duo of De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis is not good enough to win at least one playoff series, will it ever be good enough to make a deep playoff run even if they add one or two more difference-makers? That's a valid question to ask, no matter what you think of Fox and Sabonis as individual talents.

No one is really talking about it and perhaps not even Kings fans will acknowledge it but this offseason there could be some retooling of the roster if they don't experience any level of playoff success this season.

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