NBA Rumors: 6 Teams that completely mishandled the start of the offseason

There are a few NBA teams that have completely fumbled the start to the offseason.
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NBA Rumors: There are some teams that have made some questionable moves or none at all to start the NBA offseason.

To say that some teams have gotten off on a strong foot to begin the NBA offseason would be an understatement. There are a few teams that have absolutely crushed the start of the summer. On the flip side, there are other teams that have absolutely fallen flat on their faces to begin the offseason. As we get deeper and deeper into the summer, we take a look at six teams that have completely mishandled the start of the offseason.

Detroit Pistons

Notable moves: Signed Tobias Harris; drafted Ron Holland

Even though there wasn't much the Detroit Pistons could do this offseason to change the uncertain narrative about their future, I can't help but think about how unpopular the decisions they've made have been. First, they started off by reaching with the No. 5 overall pick to select Ron Holland, a player that probably would've still been available out of the top 10 and potentially outside the lottery.

They followed that up by signing Tobias Harris to a huge two-year deal in free agency. While you can make the argument that a big reason for this move was to help the team reach the salary floor, it still doesn't make much sense from a big-picture perspective. Signing Cade Cunningham to a $226 rookie-scale max extension is not bad or that surprising but I wouldn't be opposed to questioning it.

All in all, it's hard to love the moves that the Pistons have made to begin the offseason. I don't think there would be much pushback on that stance.