NBA Rumors: 6 Teams that completely mishandled the start of the offseason

There are a few NBA teams that have completely fumbled the start to the offseason.
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics - Game Five
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Chicago Bulls

Notable moves: Traded Alex Caruso, signed Patrick Williams; drafted Matas Buzelis

The Chicago Bulls are generally a team that has struggled to pick a path. And this summer, we're also seeing signs of just that. Even though the Bulls are leaning toward a rebuild more than ever, there are a couple of moves that I can't seem to get out of my head. The first revolves around trading Alex Caruso for Josh Giddey and no draft capital. Because of his demand on the trade block, the Bulls could've easily traded Caruso for a future first-round pick or two. Instead, the Bulls decided that Giddey was more valuable than that, and I simply don't see it.

For as talented as Giddey is as a player, I don't believe he has the All-Star potential that perhaps the Bulls believe he has. I could be wrong but I believe he's a really good player but one that will never develop beyond what he is at the moment. I guess we can revisit this in a year and see who's right.

Additionally, I didn't quite understand the move to re-sign Williams. He hasn't hit his stride throughout the first few years in Chicago and instead of moving on, the Bulls doubled down on what will likely end up being a misstep. I don't love Chicago's approach to this year's offseason thus far.