NBA Rumors: 8 free-agency steals that may be inked for the veteran minimum

There are a few potential NBA free-agency steals that remain unsigned.
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Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is the prototypical player that everyone loves to have on their team but also the player everyone hates to play. That's why he could emerge as a valuable late signing in free agency this offseason for any contender looking for depth in the backcourt. Last playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, I suppose the door could still be open for a return there but I also imagine he's going to wait out his process to find the best possible landing spot for him as he explores his next possible opportunity.

At 35 years old, Beverley may not have many chances left to win an NBA Championship. That will make the decision on his next team all the more important. The stat sheet doesn't tell the entire story of the impact that Beverley brings to a team.

Beverley brings experience, toughness, and a different mindset when on the floor. At times, he could be a lot to handle but for a veteran guard, getting Beverley for the minimum could emerge as great value for a playoff contender.