NBA Rumors: 8 free-agency steals that may be inked for the veteran minimum

There are a few potential NBA free-agency steals that remain unsigned.
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Lonnie Walker IV

After an encouraging start to his career, for one reason or another, Lonnie Walker IV has struggled to carve out a consistent role in the Association. He's shown flashes of potential on the offensive end but has left much to be desired as a strong all-around player. After bouncing around three teams over the past three seasons, Walker appears to be looking for another fresh start ahead of the 2024-25 NBA season.

Because of his continued inconsistencies and the fact that he's failed to leave a lasting effect on teams over the last couple of seasons, I'm led to believe that Walker is going to have to sign another "prove-it" type of deal in free agency. And that almost means he's going to sign for the veterans' minimum.

Accounting for his age and offensive capabilities, if Walker does sign for the minimum, he could easily be considered a great value signing at this point in free agency. The hope is that Walker eventually breaks through in the NBA. Could this finally be the year where that happens?