NBA Rumors: 8 free-agency steals that may be inked for the veteran minimum

There are a few potential NBA free-agency steals that remain unsigned.
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Kyle Lowry

At 38 years old, it's safe to say that Kyle Lowry only has a couple of seasons, at most, left in his career. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if Lowry announced his retirement tomorrow. However, that isn't happening just yet. Lowry intends on playing this season and could have plenty of interest across the league. As a veteran point guard with plenty of experience and a player who still holds value as a backup guard, many contenders are likely to look in the direction of Lowry.

As he looks for the right landing spot, Lowry is expected to sign for the veteran's minimum when he selects a new team. If that does end up happening, he will immediately emerge as one of the biggest steals in free agency. For what Lowry brings both on and off the court, he'd be an excellent addition to any contender.

Lowry enters the last stage of his career with winning an NBA Championship at the top of his priority list. And I'd have to imagine he's going to put himself in the best position to do so.