NBA Rumors: 8 free-agency steals that may be inked for the veteran minimum

There are a few potential NBA free-agency steals that remain unsigned.
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Gordon Hayward

Coming off a forgetful second half of the season with the Oklahoma City Thunder this past season, Gordon Hayward will try to join another contender in an attempt to win his elusive first NBA Championship. And if he's going to sign with a contender, that will likely require him to sign for pennies on the dollar. It's not a foregone conclusion that Hayward will sign for the minimum but there's at least a shot that he does. Especially if he considers signing with one of the premier contenders before the start of the season.

Deep down, I believe he could end up signing with a team like the Boston Celtics. He could feel as if he can add some much-needed depth to the frontcourt and could play a bigger role in Boston than he did in OKC this past season. Plus, the Celtics would likely give Hayward the best chance to win a title this upcoming season.

As Hayward inches closer and closer to the end of his career, winning a championship is going to emerge as a bigger priority for him. And that means he could emerge as one of the bigger remaining steals in free agency.

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