NBA Rumors: 8 Trade targets Lakers could pivot to after missing out on free agents

What other moves could the Los Angeles Lakers pivot to this offseason?
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NBA Rumors: Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have missed out on key free agents, what other trade targets could they pivot to next?

Heading into the NBA offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers were tasked with the objective of trying to find All-Star talent to surround LeBron James and Anthony Davis with. At the very least, the Lakers needed to make a difference-making addition or two to help this team rise up the Western Conference hierarchy after taking a huge step back this season. But through the early portion of the offseason, the Lakers haven't been that active.

That could be a sign of one of two things. Either they are working in the shadows to secure an All-Star via trade or they don't have any leads on upgrading the roster and can't finalize any moves. Even though it's still early on in the summer, it's not too early to panic. After missing out on a few free-agent pursuits, we explore eight names the Lakers could still pivot to in the trade market.

Collin Sexton, Utah Jazz

If the Utah Jazz end up trading Lauri Markkanen this offseason, which could very well end up being the case, there will naturally be other moves that happen next. A trade of Collin Sexton is likely one of those moves. If the Los Angeles Lakers are focused on upgrading their backcourt, Sexton is a player that should absolutely be on their radar.

He may not be the big name that perhaps the fan base is demanding, but he's a quality and productive guard that could raise the Lakers' ceiling heading into next season.