NBA Rumors: 8 Trade targets Lakers could pivot to after missing out on free agents

What other moves could the Los Angeles Lakers pivot to this offseason?
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DeMar DeRozan, Free agent

The Los Angeles Lakers have already missed out on a couple of free agents, most notably Klay Thompson. But if they're open to a sign-and-trade with the Chicago Bulls, DeMar DeRozan is a player that is likely going to be on their radar. Whether or not he's a great fit is a very fair question. With his lack of shooting ability, it's understandable to have some hesitations about DeRozan's addition to the Lakers. However, he does add another talented wing that could take pressure off of LeBron James from a playmaking perspective.

I'd imagine the Lakers are exploring the option of adding DeRozan and breaking down what they'd have to do to make it happen. But considering that DeRozan is still holding out for a big-money deal, the odds of the Lakers finding a path toward landing DeRozan remains low.

He could be an option down the line, especially if DeRozan's other options dry up, but at least for now, I'd be shocked if the Lakers traded significant salaries in order to add a 34-year-old one-dimensional player.