NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks trending toward trading both Trae Young, Dejounte Murray?

The Atlanta Hawks may be preparing to completely rebuild their roster during the offseason.

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NBA Rumors: The Atlanta Hawks could be preparing to trade both Trae Young and Dejounte Murray during the offseason.

Two offseasons ago, the Atlanta Hawks made the bold move to acquire Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. It was a move that was received with surrounding applause and one that many believed would ultimately lead to the Hawks taking a step forward in the Eastern Conference standings. However, roughly two seasons into the experiment, it hasn't panned out as originally believed.

The Hawks have had their bright moments with Trae Young and Murray on the roster but, overall, it's been more disappointing that encouraging. So much so that there are now real rumblings that the Hawks could be ready for a change. And, acording to some, that change could involve more than just a Murray trade.

Over the past couple of months, it was believed that Murray would be traded. It was somewhat surprising the Hawks didn't find a new home for him at the NBA Trade Deadline. But even after the deadline, the growin belief was that he would be traded this summer. Adding to that speculation, there's is now whispers that the Hawks may not just trade Murray this summer but that they could also look to move Young.

The Atlanta Hawks could lean into a complete rebuild

This may seem a bit extreme but let's paint a bit of a picture. If the Hawks do end up trading Murray this offseason, it will be likely for either a young prospect and a future first-round pick or a rotation player and two first-round picks. For as much as the Hawks need a change, I'm not sure if that level of return moves the needle all that much.

If the Hawks are truly interested in turning the page on this build and want to enter a new era of basketball, it's likely going to need them to move on from Young. He's the type of superstar who would return value enough that the Hawks could jump-start a rebuild.

It would likely mean the Hawks taking a bit step back but as I always say, in the NBA taking a step back to take two steps forward is almost always worth it.

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The question is, are the Hawks at that breaking point with this core? Are they ready to blow up their roster and throw in the towel on the Young era?