NBA Rumors: Best free agent every team in Pacific Division should target

Evaluating one top free agent that would be a great fit for every team in the NBA's Pacific Division.
Philadelphia 76ers v Phoenix Suns
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LA Clippers: Justise Winslow, G/F

The LA Clippers have turned the season around after a couple of difficult weeks while implementing James Harden into the lineup.

The trade with the 76ers didn't deplete their depth, and they recently picked up Daniel Theis for their backup big minutes. What do the Clippers need? At first glance, it might not look like they need a player like Justise Winslow on their team. Think about it in the sense that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George rarely stay healthy and a player like Justise Winslow is exactly where the Clippers should look.

Winslow's strong frame allows him to hold up against some of the bigger and stronger forwards in the NBA. He reminds me of Kawhi Leonard-lite. Winslow isn't as potent offensively, but defensively he can do about 75% of the work that Leonard can do. The Clippers should be forward-thinking and look to limit the minutes Leonard plays during the regular season. We have seen how he can take over an entire playoff series several times, and hoping to find that magic again, the Clippers should look for help now.

Winslow has playmaking skills so Harden, Leonard, and George can play off-ball, and he is long enough, strong enough, and athletic enough to play 1-5, which makes small-ball 5 lineups with him at the center position very interesting. The Clippers should bring him in now and let Leonard and George get as much rest as they can before they embark on a (hopefully) long playoff run.