NBA Rumors: Best free agent every team in Southeast Division should target

Exploring one free agent every team in the NBA's Southeast Division should target

Portland Trail Blazers v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Washington Wizards: Javonte Green, G/F

The Washington Wizards are a bad basketball team. They have a negative team differential across the board, consisting of points per game, field goal percentage, 3-point percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. There is not much hope here, for a Wizards team that needs heavy roster reconstruction, but we will try anyway.

Unlike the Detroit Pistons' slide, there will be no cop-outs here. What this team needs right now is a little bit of zest. A little bit of pop. A whole lotta effort and Javonte Green is here to supply it in bunches. Javonte Green's highlight tape won't scream skillful or masterful, but it screams energy.

The Wizards could use an energy shift, desperately. Their play suggests that this current iteration of Wizards players just doesn't really care about hustling and providing effort consistently. Javonte Green is an expert on hustle and it feels like his style of play would really benefit this team.

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At this point, not much is going to make things worse, and bringing in a guy who gives it his all every minute, of every night, might just ignite a fire in all the players on the roster.